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Welcome everyone, we, Juan and Ryan are the founders of The Gnarly Griffin. 

The Gnarly Griffin was hatched from our love for all things tech and nerd worthy. As true fans of these realms we are motivated by the leading products in the tech industry, and new titles in the gaming and comic book world. The business idea was to create a company where individuals could easily find products they love and to join a community in which they feel they belong.

Formally, we believe that our mission behind The Gnarly Griffin is to nurture and facilitate the growth, exposure and inclusiveness of “nerd” culture in a country that remains slightly abstract around this concept. 

The Gnarly Griffin admires the flight paths/distances which people are willing to take to acquire what they deeply desire. The Gnarly Griffin wants to make that acquisition process more accessible.

We at the Gnarly Griffin aim to help by providing exposure to items and events that would otherwise be either completely inaccessible or incredibly costly. Done in a meaningful way, we aim to provide value to the customers, to not only make a sale, but create an unforgettable experience. 

We will be making use of various shipping methods, including drop-shipping. We will try to get your goods to you as quickly as possible. We will be working hard to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible, but if anything does go wrong, we would greatly appreciate your patience.

As The Gnarly Griffin is taking its maiden flight, we kindly ask you to join us on this journey. We require your fiery passion, patience and commitment throughout, helping us to grow into the high flying venture we have envisioned for ourselves as well as our customers.

Cast an eagle's eye (a griffin's eye), shop around, give feedback but more importantly…

— Geek Out!